Start your day with our breakfast buffet offering a plethora of options.

Yamagata Prefecture has an abundance of food, including fruit, and boasts many of 'Japan's Bests.' The Mogami Region, where the Semi Onsen hot springs are located, is known for the production of buckwheat, and promises a wealth of delicious food. Indulge in great dishes prepared with the full use of nature's bounty.

Convention room "Kokonoe" (on the 1st floor, by the front desk)
Serving times
Come any time between 7:30 am to 9:00 am

Our choice ingredients

At Kansyokan we believe in sourcing ingredients, including rice, miso (soybean paste) and soy sauce, from local suppliers.

Freshly boiled asparagus
We boil the whole asparagus, a Mogami Town speciality. Try dipping it in our special mayonnaise and miso sauce.
Yamagata-produced Momotaro Tomatoes
Locally-produced Momotaro Tomatoes are fresh, and available only for a short period of time.
Tama konnyaku (konnyaku balls): Yamagata's speciality
Tama konnyaku absorbs the flavour of soy broth well and has a familiar taste.
Roasted Japanese royal ferns
Simply seasoned, this dish is a tasty rustic treat.
We source the most delicious handmade shisomaki (shiso herb roll) locally, from the Tanaka Shisomaki Shop.
Creamy mushroom soup
Made by simmering Funagata Town-produced mushrooms slowly, this soup features a rich creamy flavour.
Rolled omelettes
Every morning, our team of chefs prepare freshly rolled omelettes, our speciality.
Onsen Tamago (soft-cooked eggs)
This is a typical breakfast item that goes perfectly with freshly cooked steaming-hot rice.
We serve Yamagata-produced name-brand rice: Tsuyahime and Haenuki. Please do sample them both.
Kyogi Natto
Fermented soybeans, with the beans' natural flavour preserved, wrapped traditionally in a sheet of thin pine bark
Nanban Natto
Nanban Natto is crushed and fermented soybeans with a slightly piquant taste. Try it without soy sauce.
Kyugoro Miso soup
We use a local miso called Kyugoro Miso, which is made from the heirloom soybeans of this area, because it goes best with vegtables and tofu.
Five varieties of colourful vegetables
We serve a colourful salad prepared using plenty of locally-produced vegetables.
Chokai Highland Yoghurt
This yoghurt features the rich, natural flavour of fresh milk.