Proudly produced in Mogami Town, Yamagata

At Kansyokan, we serve local speciality dishes with a focus on ingredients unique to all three phases of the seasons (beginning, peak and end), as well as our own innovative cuisine prepared using Mogami traditional heirloom vegetables. We are dedicated to bringing out the flavour of ingredients and serving seasonal dishes that are elusive anywhere else.
*Ingredients are subject to change depending on the season.

As local as can be

Sansai (edible wild plants) in April and May
Sansai mark the advent of spring in mountains' rich nature.
Enjoy flavours that are only available for a short time.
Iwana (white-spotted char) from April
Iwana inhabits clear streams. We serve salt-grilled iwana to maximise its original flavour.
Asparagus from June
A local speciality of Mogami Town, asparagus is grown on soil enriched with quality compost, under cool climate conditions.
Snowland-grown jinenjo from November
Jinenjo, or Japanese mountain yam, ripens in areas covered with about 2-meters of snow, and tastes sweet and rich.
Jumbo mushrooms produced in Funagata Town
The giant mushrooms produced in Funagata Town have an abundance of nutrients and a rich, flavourful taste.
Kansyokan's speciality:
Kansyokan's speciality: Nishin Soba
We have a long history of serving nishin soba (buckwheat noodles with herring). Salty-sweet herring, simmered until tender, complement the noodles.

Mogami traditional heirloom vegetables

Mogami traditional heirloom vegetables are vegetables and pulses that were cultivated before 1945 and are still being grown today, Their seeds are carefully collected and preserved by each farmer.

Yamagata Beef and Red Garlic
Enjoy the great combination of the pleasantly floury texture of Mogami red garlic (a Mogami traditional heirloom vegetable) and the juiciness and flavour of Yamagata Beef.
Yamagata's signature dish: Imoni (taro potato stew), from October
You cannot leave without tasting imoni, the flavour of autumn in Yamagata.

Do you have any dietary requirements?

Please advise us if you have any dietary restrictions such as food allergies, and we will do our best to maximise your dining experience. Specify your needs in the Request section on the online booking form of this website, or call us directly.