Lounge "Komorebi" (sunlight shining through trees)

We welcome you to the spacious and relaxing ambience of the lobby. Make yourself at home on one of the comfortable sofas.
Limited "happy hour" time (4:00 pm ? 6:00 pm): Beer by the glass is available for 324 JPY (usually 540 JPY!). Enjoy a glass of beer after a good soak. (Available in the lounge only.)

Hours: 7:30 am ? 6:00 pm

Izakaya "Benkei"

Enjoy drinks with company or on your own, or have a nice bowl of ramen noodles to round off your evening. We have a variety of local sake and "Torimotsu" (chicken innard stew), Shinjo City's local speciality. Please drop by.

Hours: 8:30 pm ? 11:45 pm
*Last order: 11:30 pm

Shop "Hanagasumi" (cherry blossoms like white mist viewed from afar)

[Kansyokan's Top Recommendations]: Original sweet "Suzuri-ishi" (inkstone) and freshly made "Onsen Manju" (steamed buns stuffed with sweet red bean paste). Place your order by 9:00 pm, and fresh onsen manjus will be delivered to you the following morning. Luggage can be sent through Yamato Transport's courier service.

Hours: 7:30 am ? 10:00 am, 3:00 pm ? 9:30 pm

Mini Gallery

Paintings by Hitoshi Komatsu, one of the top Japanese painters in Yamagata are on display. Also exhibited are works by notables who stayed at Kansyokan.
Hitoshi Komatsu / Keiji Massimo / Shiko Munakata / Yumeji Takehisa / Chuya Takahashi

Bar "Aventure" (French for adventure!)

Our bar with a glamourous, yet relaxed, atmosphere is a perfect venue for an after-party, or a few drinks before sleep. Let us help make your night something different and spend time in a chic way.

Hours: 8:00 pm ? 11:00 pm
*We have a happy hour in addition to our regular hours.

Party Room "Espacio"

Availabe to hire for one group (up to approx. 25 people) a day, Party Room Espacio is equipped with karaoke. Whether having a year-end party or an afterparty for an alumni event, this room can meet your needs. Small groups welcome.

Hours: 8:00 pm ? 11:00 pm
*We have a happy hour in addition to our regular hours.

Oriental Seitai Bodywork Salon "Fu-Wa-Ri"

Seitai is a treatment where practitioners use their hands and feet to tone your whole body, such as correcting skeletal muscle imbalances and joint dislocations.

Hours: 4:00 pm ? 11:00 pm
*Reception open until 10:30 pm