About 830 years ago, a party of the samurai warrior Minamoto Yoshitsune was making its way to Hiraizumi in Iwate, hounded by the forces of his brother Yoritomo. According to legend, when Yoshitsune's son, Kamewakamaru, was born during the journey, his companion Benkei went searching for water to bathe the newborn and discovered the Semi Onsen hot springs. Close your eyes while immersed in the bath, and you will hear the babbling of the Oguni River through the steam.

Bathroom "Yoshitsune no Yu"

What is special about outdoor baths is that you can feel pleasant breezes and enjoy stargazing while bathing. Relax to the sound of the Oguni River while immersed in a bath that looks out onto a garden, and feel the refreshing air of the outdoors. Let your body loosen up in hot spring waters while enjoying a view that changes with the seasons: green foliage in spring, the chirps of insects in summer, colorful leaves in autumn, and snowfall in winter.

bathroom "Yoshitsune no Yu"

outdoor bath

Bathroom "Shizuka no Yu"

Enjoy the view of nature that changes with the seasons through a wall of windows, while soaking in hot waters that are supplied by a continuous flow directly from the source. Immerse your body in an onsen-filled pool while relaxing and chatting with fellow bathers. It is also an intriguing experience to hear the babbling of the Oguni River while sitting in an outdoor bath.

bathroom "Shizuka no Yu"

outdoor bath

Opening times The large public bath is located on the 1st basement floor.
The large public bath switches between men and woman depending on.
Yoshitsune no Yu 3:00~6:45pm(woman)7:00pm~1:00am(men) 5:00~10:00am(woman)
Shizuka no Yu   3:00~6:45pm(men) 7:00pm~1:00am(woman) 5:00~10:00am(men)
The bathroom does not operate between 6:45pm and 7:00pm because we are changing facilities.Prease do not enter until the rooms are prepared.
A locker with a 100 yen coin return system is available near the entrance to the public bath.
Close from 1:00 to 5:00am.
Hot spring quality Sodium, calcium, chloride and sulfate springs
Benefits Considered beneficial for cuts, burns, neuralgia, joint pain, diseases peculiar to women, chronic skin diseases, physically weak children, hardening of the arteries, muscle pain, stiff shoulders, stiff joints, bruises, sprains, motor paralysis, chronic digestive disease, haemorrhoids, sensitivity to cold, convalescence, reducing fatigue and enhancing overall well-being.
Please avoid bathing if any of the following conditions apply: Acute illness (especially with a fever), active TB, malignant tumors, serious heart diseases, respiratory failure, kidney failure, hemorrhagic diseases, severe anemia, other diseases in progressive conditions, and the early and late stages of pregnancy
Amenities Body soap, soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer, hairbrush, cotton swabs, shaving razor (available in men's bathroom only), shower cap (available in women's bathroom only), all-in-one skincare gel (available in women's bathroom only)